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It is our pleasure to welcome you to the Sustainable Land Management Program (SLMP) knowledge base website. SLMP is one of the flagship programs under MoANR working on the judicious utilization and protection of crucial natural resources like soil, water and vegetation and effective reversal of their degradation. The Government of Ethiopia and its closest development allies have long recognized the land degradation, poor agricultural productivity and poverty nexus that the country is confronted with and have agreed on a strategic direction towards addressing it comprehensively. In order to mitigate these problems, the Ethiopian Sustainable Land Management Investment Framework (ESIF) has been issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia in the year 2010, with the aim of providing a comprehensive framework under which all stakeholders and actors in Sustainable Land Management (SLM) effectively collaborate. The framework is aimed towards removal of barriers that have hindered the up-scaling of proven SLM Innovations, appropriate and applicable agriculture related technologies, best practices and systems. The ESIF underlines the urgency of reversing the high level of land degradation through the promotion and up-scaling of proven SLM Technologies and approaches through multi-sector partnership in which investments and development efforts of the large number of stakeholders including Bilateral, Multilateral development partners and the Government of Ethiopia are effectively harmonized and coordinated.


Dear visitors, this knowledge base web-site developed with the support of GIZ-SLM provides access to a wide spectrum of information in SLM approaches, appropriate technologies and proven best practices. The website also offers download options for reference materials you may find important, GIS maps of SLM intervention areas as well as e-books. Moreover, on this website you can also visit Knowledge base for SLM  related publications, technical documents, guidelines, strategy documents and more.

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